Rajit, the blind grill cook

Rajit grills chicken ordered by customers for breaking fast. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

KUCHING: Looking at a dish changing colour while being cooked is the best way to know if the dish is ready to be served.

But not for Rajit Hairani, a visually impaired man who grills all the chickens at Ayam Panggang Wak Legend stalls at Sungai Maong here.

He simply depends on his sense of hearing and smell to decide whether the chicken is perfectly grilled.

“I can feel the tenderness and smell the aroma of the chicken. I can visualise the changing colour of the chicken as I flip over it,” he told New Sarawak Tribune when met yesterday.

For the 46-year-old father, his visual disability has not prevented him from being a grill cook and participating in country’s workforce.

“Being blind is probably not the best thing in life but this is the only opportunity that I have.

“I think what really a matter is self-determination to strive for a better living,” he said.

Raising a family of seven, Rajit is glad that despite his disability, he can earn a living like others.

“Initially, it was challenging. But slowly, my other senses were sharpened.

“My disability constantly reminds me that life is beautiful in spite of hardships and struggles,” he added.

For Rajit, the movement control order (MCO) period is the same as any other day.

“Maybe we should see this in positive way. As long as we work hard and keep moving forward, nothing can stop us from doing good things except God,” he said.