Re-skilling to remain competitive

Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman

KUCHING: Residents in Tupong constituency are encouraged to take up new skills in order to remain competitive in the job market amid Covid-19.

“There are villagers who are now out of jobs and there are also those who were asked to take unpaid leave, so their source of income is affected. Some of them are creative and turn to selling kuih and take up sewing.

“I encourage this and we will help those who have the skills and commitment — we will help them in terms of equipment for them to start small scale businesses.

“Nowadays, starting a business is not for the sake of making huge profits, it is merely for them to be able to survive amid Covid-19. This is what we are stressing in our programmes,” Tupong assemblyman Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman said.

He noted there were a few constituents who had started their business recently and obtained assistance from the authorities.

“There is a woman from Gita, I had helped her in terms of getting a sewing machine. There is another man who is selling kerepek.

“They obtained assistances and there are also a few others. So, we have to assess them on whether they are committed (to start their business).

“The problem now is the people need to be assisted for them to survive. Secondly, we also need to assist businesses financially as without it, they may have to close down and the operators will lose their source of income.

“We also need funds to be injected in our economy so when the economy restarts post Covid-19, it will continue to run smoothly,” he said.