Read more on S’wak political history, Baru told

KUCHING: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Youth yesterday advised Baru Bian to read more on the political history of Sarawak.

Its central youth committee member Nicholas Kudi Jantai, said that out of the 55 years of BarisanNasional (BN) government, 29 years were, where Tun Mahathir Mohammad and Anwar Ibrahim were the prime minister of Malaysia and deputy prime minister respectively.

Kudi, who is also political secretary to the Chief Minister questioned the sincerity of Pakatan Harapan (PH) to help Sarawak when the same persons are leading PH in the so-called Malaysia Baru.

“What did they do to Sarawak apart from using our oil and gas revenues to develop the Peninsular and leaving Sarawak in dire-straits.

“It has been more than eight months since PH became the government. What did it do for the welfare of Sarawakians? Nothing! Many promises have been broken. Their manifesto becomes merely empty sweet promises just to lure the voters,” he stressed.

Meanwhile Charles Chad Nissom, a PRS Youth member concurred with Kudi that Baru and PH failed to look after the best interest of Sarawak.

“First thing he did after being appointed as Minister of Works was announcing that PH government wouldn’t fund the three bridges for the Sarawak coastal road,” he said.

Charles further questioned, “Where is the 50 percent oil and gas royalty that the PH had promised to Sarawak? Where is the funding for repairing dilapidated schools? These, and many more promises they made?”

Charles, who is also political secretary to the Chief Minister, asked Baru, “After 29 out of 55 years of BN rule under Mahathir and Anwar, why is Baru asking the same persons, Mahathir and Anwar to administer again? Are they not the same persons that had shortchanged Sarawak?

“Putrajaya, Petronas Twin Tower, University Petronas, North-South Highway and many other mega development projects were built by Sarawak oil and gas money taken from our state,” Charles said.

He said it is time for Baru to wake up, wise up and be bold enough to speak up to his masters, Mahathir and Anwar, the very same people that shortchanged Sarawak when they led for 29 years in the previous BN government.