Recipient of Top 50 Impact Lifetime Achievement Award

Janang shows his trophy and award certificate.

KUCHING: Datuk Ir Janang Bungsu was one of the recipients of the Top 50 Impact Lifetime Achievement Award recently.

The managing director of the Bumi Consultants and Services Consortium said he was very proud to be the only Sarawakian to receive the award.

He said his company had never submitted a nomination to receive the award and it was the 11th award he had received since 2015.

“Actually, the recipients of this award organised by KSI are selected based on a database. For me, receiving this award is a recognition and achievement for Sarawak,” he said when met by Suara Sarawak at his office here on Monday.

Janang added that the achievement he received showed that the involvement of Sarawakians in the field was being recognised.

“Although we are not as great as the companies in Peninsular Malaysia, at least our achievements are recognised.

“This is also a symbol of pride for the people of Sarawak. It shows that we can also compete and have the potential to be as successful,” he explained.

“This is not just an encouragement to myself but to all the staff at the Bumi Consortium,” he added.

The Top 50 Impact Lifetime Achievement Award is one of the prestigious awards in the business world in Malaysia; it recognises the impact brought by leaders in a business, community and country.

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