Dr Kelvin Yii

KUCHING: The state government should reconsider its decision to move towards hydrogen economy, a Democratic Action Party (DAP) lawmaker said.

Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii said for the public to be convinced that such venture is worthwhile, the state government needs to reveal the economic feasibility study and cost-effectiveness analysis of hydrogen economy.

“This is to avoid unnecessary spending of funds meant for the people on mega projects that will just turn out to be a huge financial burden to the state in the long run.

“The recently launched multi-fuel refuelling stations raised some questions on safety and security of having two different highly flammable materials on top of multiple high voltage electric charging ports together, but also its practicality for users,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

On the concept of adopting hydrogen vehicles, Dr Yii said not only does the cost of the car deemed unaffordable to most ordinary Sarawakians, refuelling the cars would be costly.

“The Hyundai Nexo car owned by the state government which cost around RM 300k, with a 6.3kg capacity, will cost more than RM160 for a single refuel,” he said.

He suggested that the state government should instead invest in battery technology and electric vehicles (EV) with Sarawak already largely depending on renewable hydro power.

“Electric vehicles can be easily charged using the power grid anywhere and anytime, without investing in a costly hydrogen infrastructure and distribution network.

“We already have readily available renewable and sustainable energy in the State that can be pumped directly into a cheaper and simpler alternative.

“Just because we have the money or a big reserve, we do not want our money to be spent on projects that are not cost effective for the people,” he said.