Lo presenting a memento to Laksamana Muda Dato Danyal Balagopal as Captain Narayanan look on at the 11th Annual Perim National Delegates Conference Gala Dinner.

KUCHING: The sacrifices and services of the Indian veterans who have served in Sarawak should be recorded in the history books so they will not be forgotten, said Batu Kitang assemblyman Lo Khere Chiang.

Indian veterans domiciled in Sarawak, he added, had assimilated well with the local Indian community in the state and were part and parcel of the socio-economic fabric of society.

Speaking as the guest of honour at Perim’s 11th Annual National Delegates Conference Gala Dinner at a local hotel here, Lo, who is also Padawan Municipal Council chairman, said, “During the  Communist Insurgency in Malaysia,  Indian soldiers from West Malaysia served alongside locals to ensure our safety and for that, I say Thank you.”

Lo presenting a memento to Laksamana Muda Dato Danyal Balagopal as Captain Narayanan look on at the 11th Annual Perim National Delegates Conference Gala Dinner.

The assemblyman was met with a standing ovation from all the delegates and guests when he bowed to the veterans in a gesture of thanks which he felt was owed to the brave soldiers who had contributed to the safety and liberation of the people here while serving their king and country.”

“In general, the Indian community in Sarawak has always been part and parcel of nation building and although a small community, they have done very well for themselves here.

“As the saying goes, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’. Indians can be found in almost every profession like doctors, engineers, lawyers, journalists and teachers,” said Lo.

Noting that they had all paid for their own passages to the conference this year, he thanked all the delegates for their sincerity in really wanting to be in Kuching for the event.

Lo later pledged RM3,000 to the association for its activities.

Perim Sarawak led by its chairman Captain (Rtd) K Narayanan was picked as the 11th host of the annual delegates conference at last year’s conference in Kedah.

National president Major (Rtd) Murugaiyah Andy praised Perim Sarawak for being an excellent host before presenting it with a memento of appreciation.

At the  dinner, certificates were also presented to soldiers who had received the national service award, namely Capt Narayanan, Col Ratnam, Avtar Singh, Ramachandran Subramaniam, Shanmugalingam Murugesu, Primal Papiah,Thiagarajan Ganapathy, Vijaya Shelan Vajayell, Danny Ponniah, Amar Singh, Arumugam Nadeson, Amar Singh, Rosevelt Amrose,Ganeson Duraisamy, Toulsimani Lachiminen, Rajendran Muniandy, Raja Gopal, Kolandhasamy Sevastian, Mihar Singh, Laxamanan Kuppan,Govindasamy Ponnusamy and Jayaseelan Satiyaseelan.

Lo presents a certificate to Penghulu Lucy Lingam.

Earlier, in his opening address, Narayanan acknowledged the attendance of newly appointed Penghulu for the Indian community in Kuching, Penghulu Lucy Lingam, Padang Serai MP and patron of Perim Karupaya Muthusamy, former Port Dickson MP and also Perim patron Laksamana Muda Dato Danyal Balagopal, the president of the Sikh Temple Association Dr Khalwinder Singh and newly retired director of Sarawak Army Veteran Affairs Department Lt Kol (rtd) Dunging Serit.