Recovery from Covid-19 more important

By Umie Syazwanie Mohd & Petronella Langita Felix

KUCHING: An opinion poll conducted by New Sarawak Tribune has indicated that to Sarawakians in general, recovery from the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is more important than making changes to the federal government.

However, should there be any change they hoped that the new government would efficiently govern the country towards a better future.

They also expect changes in the Federal Constitution which they hope would benefit the people and contribute towards their welfare and the country’s growth.

Some of them opined that the present political crisis was unneeded, especially while the country was recovering from the pandemic.

Oscar Ivan Sahim

Oscar Ivan Sahim, Paramedic

I hope the future government would keep focusing on the public’s welfare and accelerate economic growth; putting an end to kleptocracy and power struggles.

Jacquelina Sahim

Jacquelina Sahim, Health officer

Not only will it threaten national security, but changes in the federal government might also contribute to the depreciation of the national currency and lead to economic downturn. Should we have a new federal government, I hope it would govern the country towards a better future.

Danston Orlando

Danston Orlando, Chauffeur

Changes in the federal government will not change the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. However, should there be a new government I hope lockdown can be enforced as soon as possible to curb the rising number of Covid-19 cases, instead of slipping in and out of the various movement control orders every now and then.

Mazlan Abu Samah

Mazlan Abu Samah, Oil & gas technician

I will trust the YDPA’s wisdom to decide and conclude the current political crisis. I hope, with changes in the federal government, it would stop creating political crises and keep focusing on the country’s recovery from Covid-19.

Phylisa Peter

Phylisa Peter, Civil engineer

I cannot anticipate what is most likely to happen with the confusing ongoing political turmoil. I can only hope that it would contribute to the people’s welfare.

Mohamad Khalid

Mohamad Khalid Mohamad Mahin, Student

I hope the Prihatin Economic Stimulus Package would continue to be carried out as it has been a great help to those who struggled amidst this pandemic. I also hope that they would commit to the country’s recovery from Covid-19, putting aside any political turmoil.

Muhammad Fairuz

Muhammad Fairuz Shaharizal, Student

I expect changes in the Federal Constitution although it will take time for those changes — which should benefit all Malaysians equally — to take place if it were to happen. I hope whichever government that replaces the current one would continue to govern the country efficiently.