Reduce plastic use

Lots of plastic products tend to end up in dumps such as this and not enough are recycled.

KUCHING: The public are urged to reduce dependence on plastics in their daily lives and opt for more environmentally sustainable materials.

A senior officer of the Department of Environment (DOE) Sarawak,  Liew Jiew Fook, said the reduction in plastic use would significantly help create less pollution and allow the public to lead healthier lives from a cleaner environment.pollution

“The campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags will not only create less pollution, but it will educate customers to be more knowledgeable.

“By doing this, they can take care of their health, the image of the country — and also because of the reduction in plastic use, it will allow for a cleaner world,” he said.

He said this during a virtual talk titled ‘Impact of Usage of Plastics on the Environment & Controlled Waste Management’ today (Nov 19).

Liew (right) during the virtual talk.

Liew said the campaign to reduce plastic usage and the proper disposal of used oils would be able to achieve its objective if it garners cooperation from all sides.

“Regardless of where we are, be it in urban or rural areas, if we help one another and cooperate, we can reduce pollution,” he said.

He also stressed that the public opt for reusable bags which they can use for grocery shopping, adding that it is equally important that the bags are not made from plastic.

“Make sure it is recyclable because plastic is very difficult to be disposed of and if we don’t dispose of it properly, it will create another type of pollution,” he said.

On the effectiveness of plastic-free day, which is practised by local supermarkets once a week, Liew said it has helped reduce the dependency of plastic bags to carry groceries.

“Although I suggest that we slowly increase the number of days — maybe twice or three times a week,” he said.