Register with Perkeso, self-employed told

Hawkers from Kenyalang Market registering with Perkeso on Wednesday (Oct 7).

KUCHING: Self-employed individuals, who have not registered with the Social Security Organisation (Perkeso), are encouraged to do so as soon as possible.

Kuching South City Council (MBKS) mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng said self-employed individuals such as entrepreneurs, hawkers and many others were now covered by Perkeso.

“Before this, Perkeso only covered those employed but since June 1, 2017, Perkeso started to cover the self-employed in the transportation sector such as taxi drivers, Grabcar drivers, bus drivers and others.

“Then from Jan 1 this year, Perkeso extended this to 19 sectors for self-employed individuals,” he told reporters after setting up Perkeso registering booth at Kenyalang Market here on Wednesday (Oct 7).

Moreover, Wee stressed that having Perkeso coverage could give assurance to individuals who are the sole breadwinner in their family, so that they could sustain their livelihood.

Wee (left) with Philip fielding questions from reporters at Kenyalang Market here on Wednesday (Oct 7).

“A month ago, a hawker from Stutong Community Market fell and sustained injuries and he was unable to work – this affected the livelihood of his family as he is their only source of income.

“The Kuching City South Hawkers and Traders Association came together and raised funds for him – that is when MBKS realised that such coverage is important for them.

“Together with the association and Perkeso, they have been very kind to take immediate action and set up a counter today for hawkers at Kenyalang Market.”

Wee also revealed that a Perkeso registration counter in MBKS would be set up soon for the convenience of the public.

“The response from hawkers at Kenyalang Market is satisfyingly good, and I hope everyone can be covered because buying insurance can be quite expensive for certain people.”

Sarawak Perkeso director Philip Sangkan revealed that as of Oct 1, only 3,215 self-employed individuals had registered statewide.

“Those who are self-employed must immediately register themselves. Even though it is not compulsory, you will be protected from the moment you leave your house until you are back home.

“Perkeso will cover all medical fees and expenses – including medical support such as needing a walking stick or implant.

“The minimum contributions are RM13.10 per month, RM157.20 yearly – up to maximum contribution of RM592.80 per year; based on the packages that they choose.”

Philip also revealed that only 209 hawkers statewide had registered as of Oct 1.

“What we need now is awareness and encouragement so that we can spread the message on the importance of being covered by Perkeso.”

A registration drive started on Wednesday (Oct 7) at Kenyalang Market, continuing at Stutong Community Market on Thursday (Oct 8) and Petanak Market, next Monday (Oct 12), from 9am to 11am.