Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian

KUCHING: Sarawakians ought to reject all forms of extremism brought in by instigators.

Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian

SUPP president Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian said the harmony among all the ethnic groups in the state was an asset that should be treasured.

“As Sarawakians, we are proud of our racial harmony and mutual respect. All Sarawakians should support the state government in banning the entry of extremists to stop bad influences,” he said in his Chinese New Year message yesterday.

Dr Sim, who is Local Government and Housing Minister, warned that extremism had plagued the nation, particularly in Malaya.

“For example — the recent banning of Chinese New Year decorations at SMK Bandar Puchong 1, Selangor and there was an attempt to challenge the legal status of Chinese and Tamil schools.

“All this will jeopardise our racial harmony. If our leaders still do nothing and don’t take action against the extremists, Malaysia might fall into chaos,” he said.

Dr Sim predicted that 2020 would have tough challenges due to the downturn in the economy and inflation which are causing Malaysians to struggle to make a living.

He stressed that Putrajaya should tackle ongoing issues and spur economic growth instead of focusing on fighting their political opponents.

“Lunar New Year is an important festive season as it symbolises reunion and is celebrated by visiting each other. This tradition promotes close and harmonious relationships,” he said.