Relevant authorities need to take action over improper waste collection

George (centre) and the villagers showing the uncollected rubbish.

KUCHING: Habitat for Indigenous and Urban Programme (Hidup) is calling relevant parties to take immediate action to rectify rubbish disposal issues near St Joseph Catholic Church in Samarahan.

Hidup president George Young Si Ricord said the improper rubbish disposal must be resolved for the sake of good public health.

“During the fogging and sanitisation works at the church, the chairlady of the church committee, Cecelia Lewis said that the rubbish at the disposal area has not been collected for weeks. It is a potential health hazard and there have been stray dogs sighted rummaging through the pile of garbage.

“We are urging the relevant parties to take immediate action to rectify this situation. We do not need any more illnesses at a time like this,” he said.

George (second left, front) with the Kaizen Coway team members and staff of SK Merdang.

Hidup recently organised fogging and sanitisation works at SK Merdang and St Joseph Catholic Church with its corporate partner, Kaizen Coway, led by Mohamad Baihao.

George said the initiative was one of the proactive approaches to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission in the area.

“With schools and places of worship still closed, we are taking a proactive approach to minimise the risk of Covid-19 infection in this part of the village. The church is where most villagers tend to congregate so sanitising this area will not only enhance the level of hygiene but also reinforce the importance of maintaining good hygiene habits.

“The fogging and sanitisation works were also carried out within the teachers’ room, administrative office and the pre-school classes at SK Merdang,” he added.

Later, George also took a walkabout in the Merdang Lumut area and the residents had highlighted their predicament following the recent flood.

“The smell of mud and dampness still lingers in the air in these houses affected by the flood. The residents said that most of their wooden furniture would be thrown out whenever their homes are being inundated by floodwaters.

“A resident named Sipot Ungah lamented that the Merdang Lumut flood has worsened ever since the adjacent housing projects started. This is aggravated by the narrow culvert outlet situated at St Peters Anglican Cemetery in Kampung Merdang, whereby water flow will lead out to Batang Quop,” he said.

George was also informed by a resident named Donny Leong, who is staying at Taman Hillview, Jalan Datuk Musa, that his front wall gate had collapsed due to soil erosion.

“Donny said that he has lodged a complaint to the local council on the situation back in late 2018. Although the repair work was carried out with a gabion wall and culvert put in place, the construction was incomplete. This resulted in further erosion following the recent flood,” George said.