Rentap: Our budget not hot air

KUCHING: Gerald Rentap Jabu (BN-Layar) has described Pakatan Harapan (PH) Federal Budget 2019 as heartless.

Debating the Supply (2019) Bill (2018) in the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly yesterday, he said if indeed Sarawak was an equal partner, it should have been given “equal share”.

“Our budget is not hot air and is genuinely thought out (and) collecting through sales tax (is) empowered by the state laws and the federal constitution.

“Neither is the GPS government chickening out of any negotiations on MA63, (on the contrary) with the formation of the consultative committee, we are cocking in.

“Let it be a lesson, we are only 2.8 million people in Sarawak against 30 million (9.3%), two cabinet representatives out of the 55-member (federal) cabinet (3.6%), where is the equality?” he asked.