Reopening of Self-service laundromats are welcomed but take precautions

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KUCHING: While members of the public welcomed the recent decision to allow Self-service Laundromats to reopen, precautions are still required to be taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

They said while most are content with doing their own laundry within the comfort of their homes, there are some who do not have access to such facilities.

In the latest standard operating procedures (SOPs) issued on June 3, the authorities allowed the service to continue operating under the supervision of the premises owner during the movement control order (MCO) period in Sarawak.

New Sarawak Tribune managed to talk to some members of the public regarding the decision.

Dennis Wong
DENNIS WONG, 40, Executive

It is good. As long as there is the My Sejahtera QR code at the self-service laundromats and social distancing, it should be fine. Though I would prefer the sun during this hot weather, not everyone has the comfort of having their own washing machine at home. There are still those who need this service.

Nur Liyana Hamzah
NUR LIYANA HAMZAH, 24, Marketing executive

It is a wise decision because it is convenient for some of us who regularly go to these places. However, we must remember to take extra precautions by practicing social distancing and sanitising our hands on a regular basis.

Zainul Sadek
ZAINUL SADEK, 25, Commercial executive

I agree to the implementation done as there are still significant numbers of people that does not have access to washing machines. Although the risks are there, I believe only a minority people would use such services and also giving launderette owners the opportunity to keep their business open. It’s a win-win situation, providing the SOPs are adhered to.

Syahmi Rasydan
SYAHMI RASYDAN, 24, Freelance translator

I do not believe this is necessary. I understand that some people may suffer with not having a washing machine at home or that they are just racing against time, but seeing as Covid-19 is still among us, we must put our own safety above all else, and we can always wash our own laundry.

Azreen Octavious
AZREEN OCTAVIOUS, 24, Independent consultant

Self-service laundromats should be allowed open. I myself have used them when my washing machine broke down at home. There are people who can’t afford to repair their washing machines let alone get a new one. I believe it is essential for our people.