Rep hands over Rumah Sejahtera to widow

Dr Abdul Rahman (right) hands over a mock key to Tan as, from left, Kampung Temedak PBB Women chief Mazura Mahli and village headman Wan Bosri Wan Mohammad Zen look on. Photo: Ramidi Subari

KUCHING: The fourth Rumah Sejahtera at Kampung Temedak has finally been completed but unfortunately, the applicant did not get to see it or live in it. 

Pen Kia Liang, 67, who was disabled, applied for a Rumah Sejahtera Pantai Damai over a year ago. He died in January this year.

His application was approved after the Pantai Damai assemblyman, Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi, visited his rundown house in November last year.

“Whilst visiting Pen, we found out that he was using a walking stick to support himself. Hence, we decided to donate him a wheelchair to help him to go here and there.

“After we looked at the condition of his house, the Pantai Damai Welfare Committee decided to help his family members by building them a Rumah Sejahtera,” said Abdul Rahman during a ceremony to hand over the key here yesterday.

The Assistant Minister of Water Supply said the house, which cost RM35,000, was built by a local contractor.

“This project commenced in December last year and was completed in early May this year. Based on the contract, the house was supposed to be completed within three to four months but due to the implementation of the movement control order (MCO), the completion was delayed,” he explained.

Unfortunately, Pen was unable to see and live in the completed house that he was anticipating when he died in January this year.

Thus, the house was handed over to his wife, Tan Ah Moy, 60; she will be living there with her grandchild.

Dr Abdul Rahman (second right) with Tan (second left) placing a plaque onto the Rumah Sejahtera wall as others look on. Photo: Ramidi Subari

Abdul Rahman said the house had only one bedroom. However, it had a big bathroom and toilet suitable for a disabled person like Pen to use daily.

“I was happy when the house was completed but unfortunately, my husband did not get the opportunity to see it and live in it,” said Tan.

“While it was being built, he would ask me every day whether we could move in yet.

“My heart breaks when I remember him.”

Tan said Pen had a stroke and that they had been living in the old house for over 15 years.

She also pointed out that as she was unemployed, their livelihood depended on Pen’s welfare aid.

“Nevertheless, I would like to thank the assemblyman for taking the initiative to build the house for me and my husband.” 

Abdul Rahman revealed that Pen’s house was the fourth Rumah Sejahtera to be built under the Project Rumah Sejahtera Programme.

“The first Rumah Sejahtera was built at Kampung Rampangi followed by the second one in Kampung Buntal and third one in Jaya Bakti. The fifth house will be built for individuals at Kampung Rampangi who lost their house to a fire,” he added.

Tan’s old house with the Rumah Sejahtera on the left. Photo: Ramidi Subari