Rep launches MukahXtra

Yussibnosh (centre) launching MukahXtra as others look on.

MUKAH: A new development initiative, known as MukahXtra, was launched here on Monday (Nov 23) with the aim of helping the district to progress on an equal footing with other developed counterparts in Sarawak.

Tellian assemblyman Yussibnosh Balo said MukahXtra was something which transpired from the first series of the Mukah Division Tourism Strategic Planning workshop held here last Friday.

According to him, MukahXtra was a brand aimed at promoting Mukah in realising its hope and main purpose of promoting the values, culture, economy, development, socio-economy and education available here, which could directly help the local community.

“MukahXtra would also help in promoting tourism according to the ethics and new normal in place,” he told a press conference before he officiated the simple launching of MukahXtra at Tellian State constituency Service Centre here.

He explained that MukahXtra among others was an effort to improve on what is available currently in Mukah division by empowering the available marketing system digitally, which would be shared by experts in this field at two workshops on Nov 26-27 here.

Yussibnosh, who was former Balingian assemblyman, revealed that MukahXtra comprised seven components namely, XtraCulture, XtraTourism, XtraCreative, XtraEconomy, XtraYouth, XtraLocal and XtraSafe.

Elaborating further, he said XtraCulture was aimed at enhancing and preserving the existing cultural values in digital form.

XtraTourism was to identify the tourism potentials and do it “in detail focus” to ensure that the existing tourism spots or planned ones in future would give positive impact to Mukah.

XtraCreative would allow existing creative entities in the community, either in the form of creative arts or performance to be guided through programmes which would be implemented.

XtraEconomy was to assist traders and entrepreneurs in promotion and documentation in the face of current challenging business era.

XtraYouth was to enhance the quality of youth and provide sharing sessions with youth here in seeking opportunities, and to get them directly involved in the ideas proposed or discussed for the benefits of Mukah.

XtraLocal was to get closer to the society and community and understand their needs so that they would not be left behind in this challenging era.

XtraSafe was to emphasise on compliance with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place amid Covid-19 pandemic through programme or activity to be organised, where frontliners such as the police, Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba), Peoples’ Volunteer Corps (Rela) and security forces were part of Xtrasafe.