Rep makes surprise visit to project site

Francis conducting a surprise visit to the Sri Aman Waterfront Construction Project.

SIMANGGANG: Simanggang assemblyman Datuk Francis Harden Hollis conducted a surprise visit to the Sri Aman Waterfront Construction Project on Friday to ensure that the project is running according to schedule.

“The smooth construction of the project requires careful and meticulous planning as we deal with the Covid-19 pandemic which proved to be the reason for the shortage of workers due to limited mobility.

“All parties involved should work together to ensure the project runs without hiccups,” said Francis, who is also the Assistant Minister of Community Wellbeing.

The first phase of the project is divided into three sections — the first section would be the wharf, the second section would be the boardwalk and the third section would be the culture centre esplanade which, according to the contractor’s arrangement, is 80 percent completed.

Francis remained optimistic that the project can be completed according to schedule after the extension of time (EOT) was approved for the end of April for the first section, the end of May for the second section and the end of June for the third section.

“One way of speeding up construction work is by increasing the number of existing workers.

“This can be done by offering higher wage rates to attract job seekers in the construction field,” he said during the visit.

Francis then added that he and the residents of Sri Aman, especially in Bandar Simanggang were satisfied with the development of the Sri Aman Waterfront project as the new tourism landmark for the area.