Dr Hazland Hipni

KUCHING: Demak assemblyman Dr Hazland Hipni expressed his intention to apply for additional funds from the Federal government to be used for adding other facilities at SK Senari which is currently under reconstruction.

According to him, he had applied for an allocation of RM16 million in 2015, and it was approved by the federal government then to repair the dilapidated school.

The allocation is the standard amount given to a school to be equipped with complete facilities such as hall, football field, race track, classroom buildings and others.

“When the government changed in 2018, the allocation was reduced to RM6.8 million only.

“However, we accept that allocation to repair the dilapidated school for the benefit of the students and teachers,” he said when met by reporters after attending the Kuching City North Commission (DBKU) inclusivity programme at Kampung Senari on Saturday (Sept 5).

He will make a new application to request for a new block to be built and other facilities for the school, he added.

“Currently, the school is under construction and is expected to be completed within two years. As many as 400 students are now using the temporary classrooms for learning sessions,” said Dr Hazland.

He therefore hoped the school would be given the remaining allocation for repair and hoped repair works on the various facilities could be completed.

“For SK Tanjung Bako, there are students from four villages who are attending the school there. Therefore, reconstruction or repair of the school is necessary to accommodate more students,” he added.

In the meantime, he said the new settlement project for fishermen in Bako area was also the government’s initiative to help the children of fishermen in having a more comfortable living environment.

“We encourage families of fishermen to be included in the affordable housing projects for fishermen, especially those without a house to call their own.  This will benefit their children and at the same time this will make the area a fishing village.

“Not only that, but in the next 15 years to come, it will be a fishing town in that area,” said Dr Hazland.