Rep wants mobile vaccination teams in rural constituency

Dennis explains to villagers of Kpg Penan Long Luteng Sg Patah on the need to get covid-19 vaccine. The village is a six-hour ride in a $WD vehicle from Miri.

KUCHING: Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau wants the mobile vaccination teams to be mobilised to vaccinate the rural dwellers in his constituency.

He further suggested that more vaccination centres (PPV) should be set up in order to accelerate the vaccine rollout programme.

“I completely agree that additional PPVs should be set up in order to accelerate vaccination rollout because it saddens me to see the elderly who are unable to get vaccinated due to financial and transportation issues.

“Imagine people who live far away must have at least RM30 for the fare in order to go to the PPV; what happens if they do not have money, especially those in rural areas? Everything, including food and transportation, must be considered.

“This is why Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas and I had a meeting and agreed to use clinics in rural areas as a PPV to make it simpler for those who want to be vaccinated, and as a result, PPV at Long San Clinic and Long Bedian Clinic have been opened for the local community.”

He also suggested that mobile vaccinations should be done for rural areas that are difficult to reach.

“My hope is that people in Telang Usan will register for the vaccine as soon as possible so that we can develop herd immunity in the community,” he said in an interview with New Sarawak Tribune today.

“There are 88 villages in Telang Usan, and for those who have not yet register for the vaccine, please do so,” he advised.

He admitted that some folk refused to receive the vaccine due to some superstitious belief or were influenced by the naysayers.

“I do not blame them, possibly because they are not yet aware of the importance of the vaccine, which is why the government should raise awareness programmes among these rural communities,” he added.