Rep worried about needy not getting aid

Dennis (standing third left) with his constituents from Apau Gon Ulu Tinjar, a longhouse without telephone connectivity.

KUCHING: Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau wants knowledgeable and younger longhouse residents to help the needy in his constituency register for government aid.

In a statement yesterday, Dennis said upon checking, some constituents, although eligible for benefits, had not received any aid due to their profiles absent from the government’s database.

He said this was worrisome as the underprivileged were in need of assistance.

“I am worried that due to the geographical conditions of my constituency, residences are scattered throughout the area, causing some difficulties for the people to register for government aid.

“From my own experience, many had approached me to request for aid. I realised that these people had not received any assistance from the Welfare Department or any other governmental departments,” he explained.

Dennis added that while he was aware that the state and federal government were putting in the efforts to keep the information of the people up-to-date, there were possibilities that some who had registered could be left out or some who were unaware that aid was being disseminated.

“I have always advised them to come and see the officers at the local district office to register for government aid.

“But I am still worried that some of these people are still unable to register as they are living well beyond the interiors,” he added.

Additionally, Dennis said those in need of the aid were also the ill-educated rural poor who faced difficulties utilising online capabilities to register.

“Added with the lack of telephone connectivity, the government would have a hard time ensuring the registration of all these people,” he said.

He also urged associations affiliated with the welfare of the people in rural areas to step up and take initiative to help the needy to register for government aid.