Repair work underway for leaked pipe

KUCHING: Repair work is underway for a leaked pipe which caused the disruption of water supply in Kampung Setunggang Ulu, Lundu, said the Rural Water Supply Department (JBALB).

The department in a statement on Monday (March 8) said the leakage, which was caused by the construction of the Pan Borneo Highway along the Lundu-Bau road, has resulted in the disruption of water supply in the area.

“JBALB Kuching has instructed a contractor to carry out the repairs works at the identified location.

“The areas affected are Kampung Bitokan, Kampung Selampit, Kampung Senibong, Kampung Sebandi Hulu, Kampung Sebandi Hilir, Kampung Setunggang Ulu, Kampung Gerunggang (Lama & Baru), Kampung Temelan Melayu, Kampung Temelan Dayak, Kampung Klaoh, Kampung Benggang, Kampung Setunggang Melayu Lama, Kampung Setunggang Dayak Lama up to Jalan Lundu Sampadi/Beruan Lundu,” it said.

JBALB also noted that the delivery of water supply to the affected areas will be carried out by the department and the contactor involved.

Updates can be obtained through JBALB Sarawak’s official Facebook page.