SARIKEI: With the drought showing no sign of abating, Repok assemblyman Datuk Seri Huang Tiong Sii has donated bottled water to residents of four longhouses in his constituency. The longhouses are Rh Sami Badi, Rh Juing Embuyang, Rh Udol Jana and Rh Ubok Sejang.

The donation was presented by Huang’s staff from his N45 Repok Service Centre yesterday. Huang hoped the donation would ease the longhouse folk’s stress due to short water supply during the long dry weather. “I understand the difficulty of getting fresh water for their daily usage.

The need for water is especially crucial during the drought now,” he said. Huang added that the donation will not cease, and will continue from time to time. “I hope that the condition will improve soon so that the community can enjoy readily available water.