Huang (second left) handing over a MRP cheque to one of the recipients.

SARIKEI: A total of RM169,500 was distributed to 30 primary school parent-teacher associations (PTA), four secondary school PTAs, four organisations, one religious association, one temple association and Ming Lik Secondary School on Tuesday (Aug 11).

The school PTAs were SJKC Su Ming, SJK Hua Nam, SJK Su Tak, SJKC Ming Tak Sarikei, SJK Nam Kiew Sarikei, SK Sg Paoh Sarikei, SJK Su Lok,  SJK Tiong Hok, SK St Anne, SJK Sing Ming, SJK Kiew Mang, SJK St Martin board of management, SRK Sze Lu, SRK Selangan and SMK Sungai Paoh.

The rest were SRK Hua Kee, SJKC Su Lee, SJKC Kwang Chien, SMK St Anthony Sarikei, SJKC Bulat, SJK Wah Man, SJK San Ming board of management, SJKC Siung Hua, SK Tanah Putih, SJK Su Hing, SK Methodist Anglo Chinese, SK Sungai Petai Sarikei, SMK Bandar Sarikei, SJK Su Kwong, SMK Tinggi Sarikei, SJK Minar Sarikei, SJk Minarg, SK Balong Sarikei and SJK Su Dok.

The organisations were Goyang Sarikei Recreational Sports Club, JK Coordinator G TBK Perpaduan Sarikei, and Perkim Sarikei branch. 

Other recipients were the Tantrayana Buddhist Religious Association, and the Sing Hing King Sarikei Association.

The Minor Rural Project (MRP) grant was distributed by Repok assemblyman Dato Sri Huang Tiong Sii.

He also donated RM10,000 to Ming Lik Secondary School.

Huang hoped that the money would be beneficial to the recipients, and advised them to use it wisely.