Day Three of the SAR operation as teams continue to search for the missing person.

SIMANGGANG: The search and rescue (SAR) operation for Patau Mok entered its third day with no signs of the 36-year-old missing person, despite a foul odour near Bukit Tampah yesterday.

Zone Three Sri Aman Fire and Rescue chief PgB Nik Muhammad Afiq Nik Roslan said the search area was divided into four sectors with a radius of up to 16km.

“The fourth sector group, comprising 20 SAR teams, entered the Empadi forest within a 1km radius from the Fire Control Centre (PKB) to Bukit Tampah where an odour was detected.

“Therefore, we applied a sweeping search method. However, there has been no findings,” he said in a statement yesterday.

According to him, three other groups made up of 12 SAR teams moved from the Empadi forest to Tinting Melaban, Wong Sungai Bunah and Genting Kerumpok.

The radius of the search was 5km each for each of the site.

PgB Afiq added that operations involving the police, Civil Defense Force, People’s Volunteer Corps and villagers stopped at 5pm and would resume today.

Patau from Rumah Connie, Callau is believed to have gone missing after leaving to go hunting on March 25.

The last known location of the missing person is believed to be Bukit Tampah, Poi Ai after his motorcycle was found at the foothill.