Residential buildings to make way for bridge

KUCHING: To ensure the construction of the Pan Borneo Highway Works Package (Sematan-Sungai Moyan Bridge), about 91 kilometres, is on schedule, a dismantling operation named ‘Ops Highway 8’ is being carried out by the government.

Land and Survey Department, in a press statement on Tuesday said the operation was jointly carried out with the State Security Unit, Royal Malaysia Police, Civil Defence Force, Rural Water Supply Department, Kuching branch, Kuching Water Board and Sarawak Energy Berhad.

The department said the main focus of the operation was to dismantle residential and non-residential buildings located on land identified as part of the Pan Borneo Highway after the grace period given to affected land property owners had ended.

The department also advised the affected property owners who have received ex-gratia payments to vacate the area the soonest possible.

“Such operation is the last resort that the government had to undertake to ensure the people enjoy the benefits from the project. Given that this project is of great importance to the state’s development, co-operation from all affected residents is needed to ensure its success,” it said.