Ting looks for clues on what caused the drain blockage at Jalan Simpoh.

SIBU: Residents in a flood prone areas at Jalan Simpoh here have been told take care of the environment after a rubbish bin was found to have caused blockage in the drain.

Chairman of Sibu Municipal Council Clarence Ting regretted the lack of civic consciousness among residents which had resulted in the unpleasant incidents of flash flood.

The two most recent ones were on June 23 and July 14.

On July 14, Ting went to inspect flash prone area in Jalan Simpoh along lanes 4, 6, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17.

His mission was to find out what causes the area to be always inundated with water after a heavy downpour.

“In the morning we checked Lane 14 to 17. In the afternoon after heavy downpour, we found there were two blockages at the drain leading to Brooke drive,” he said.

A rubbish bin was found in a drain which caused water blockage.

“One of the blockages was solved immediately when a rubbish bin was pulled up from underneath the house. The water level dropped six inches in half an hour,” he said.

He said the council would try to resolve the blockage in another area by flushing the drain.

He urged the people to exercise more civic consciousness by ensuring that their unwanted items would not end up the drain that would cause blockage.