‘Restore Iban programme on RTM S’wak’

Ali (right) delivers his letter of complaint to Saifuddin.

KUCHING: The dissatisfaction over the change in Iban programmes by state broadcasting station RTM Sarawak has not fallen onto deaf ears.

Energy and Natural Resources Deputy Minister Ali Biju said the importance of Iban radio programmes remains paramount; affecting many aspects of the daily lives of the Iban community.

“Radio is still the main mode of communication of important news and information for many Ibans living in the interior of Sarawak.

“The latest changes to the programmes as well as the termination of various shows have not been well received by almost all Iban listeners, and many of them have personally contacted me over the matter.

“The changes in programmes have disrupted the flow of vital news and information to all Ibans living all over Sarawak. The cancellation of popular time-tested shows has made many listeners angry and is extremely regrettable,” he said.

He said this in a statement issued on Thursday, commenting on the changes pertaining to Iban programmes on the radio network.

Ali said he has taken up the complaints and brought it to the attention of the Communication and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

“I have taken note of the recent changes in Iban programmes on RTM Sarawak and the various complaints raised by non-government organisations (NGOs) and respected Iban figures on this serious matter.

“We had a constructive discussion this afternoon and the minister has assured me that he will look into the matter immediately,” he said.

On Thursday, Iban community leaders and NGOs polled by local daily The Borneo Post expressed their disagreement with the change in Iban programmes and called for statewide Iban programmes to be restored.