Review areas under mining lease for development

Datuk Henry Harry Jinep

BAU: The state government was called upon to review the areas under the ‘mining lease’ here in order to make way for development.

Tasik Biru assemblyman Datuk Henry Harry Jinep said gold mining and trade activities flourished in Bau from 1820 until 2014. As of now, gold mining activities have completely ceased.

“Despite the cessation of gold mining activities in Bau, a vast tract of land in Bau are still under mining lease; making those land impossible to develop.

“These land hold great potential to be developed as residential areas, tourist attractions including hotels, resorts and even golf courses to support the development of Greater Bau.

“Thus, we request that the areas under the mining lease around Bau be reviewed for alternative activities especially the tourism industry,” he said when speaking at the Bau Bicentennial Celebration (BBC) 2020 held next to the Tasik Biru Lake here today.

He further mentioned that the people of Bau want it to be the epicentre of Sarawak’s eco-tourism industry capitalising on the tourism belt of Santubong-Bau-Sematan; presenting endless potential to be developed as the eco-tourism capital of Sarawak, leveraging on digital technology.

He noted that the mining lease became the barrier for development to roll in for the greater Bau and thus, the state government has to relook into the matter.

“We do not know how much of the gold deposits are left under the mining lease so we have to refer to geologists. However, I believe mining activity is no longer able to be economically developed and that the land should be used for other development such as housing and eco-tourism,” he told reporters after the event.