Review of minimum wage rate welcomed

KUCHING: Many members of the public welcome the review of the minimum wage rate by the federal government.

They point out that the current minimum wage was insufficient to make ends meet in view of the increasing costs of living.  

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced the review in his Labour Day speech on Saturday (May 1).

He said that the minimum wage rate was being reviewed to ensure it remained relevant with the current economic conditions.

 He urged those who wished to voice their views and suggestions to participate via the provided platform.

Anga Kuntat

Anga Kuntat (housekeeper)

The minimum salary of RM 1,200 is not enough. Everything is so expensive nowadays. I’m 61 years old and I’ll be thankful if it is increased to RM 1,300 or RM1,400.

George Chong

George Chong (student)

The current minimum wage rate is not enough because the prices of many things have gone up. New workers have to pay for cars and houses. The current minimum wage in Malaysia is RM 1,200 and, in my opinion, it should be increased to at least RM 1,600. With this amount of salary, workers will not only have enough to spend but can also save for their future.

Rosmala Akmal

Rosmala Akmal (cleaner)

 The current minimum wage of RM 1,200 is definitely not enough because prices of goods are increasing. A minimum wage of RM1,400 is good enough for me to support myself and my family.

Afiatul Effhiza

Afiatul Effhiza (cashier)

The current minimum wage rate is not enough because of the current high costs of living. A balanced approach should be taken when increasing the minimum wage. If it is set too high, the minimum wage will increase the earnings of low paid workers. But it can also set off inflation and affect small and medium enterprises. 

Haslinda Rahmat

Haslinda Rahmat (cashier cum pump attendant)

The current minimum wage of RM 1,200 is insufficient because there are a lot of things that need to be paid. In my opinion, a minimum wage of RM 1,400 to RM 1,500 is just right to help us out.