One of the illegal dumping sites at Jalan Setia Raja in Kuching.
One of the illegal dumping sites at Jalan Setia Raja in Kuching.

KUCHING: Kuching South City Council (MBKS) spent a total of RM127,534 on clearing illegal dumping sites in areas under its jurisdiction last year.

MBKS councilor, Mohamad Taufik Abdul Ghani said clearing waste was a shared responsibility and the people should take ownership of the rubbish problem and clean up their own waste products.

“We want Kuching to be a liveable city and that’s why we always mention the theme, “My City My Future”. We want to preserve and protect our environment so that our future generation can enjoy it,” he said during a press conference here yesterday.

MBKS Councillor, Mohamad Taufik Abdul Ghani (centre) together with Trienekens’ Senior Manager of Logistics and Services, Sarius Lee (second left) showing the leaflet about services provided byTrienekens as others look on.

Mohamad Taufik said the council received complaints about indiscriminate dumping almost on a daily basis and they had taken immediate action on most of the complaints.

“In November last year, we received a complaint from the public about an illegal dumping site at Jalan Stutong Baru Lorong 27. We came and clear it immediately, but people keep dumping their waste at the same place although we have put a signboard, telling them not to dump their waste there,” he said.

The pile of bricks near the fire hydrant near Chung Hua Kindergarten in Kapit.

He said those wanting to dispose their waste could contact the council’s solid waste unit at 082-354269 for assistance.

“Alternatively, the public can contact Trienekens at 082-612300 to have their waste removed at a reasonable fee,” he added.

Mohamad Taufik said everyone could play a part by helping to protect the environment from litter and improper disposal of solid waste by highlighting any illegal waste dumping in their area by contacting the council at 082-242311/082-345265 or Trienekens.

He reminded the public that illegal dumping is an offence under the Natural Resources Environment Board Ordinance, and punishable by law and those found guilty of dumping waste illegally can be fined with the maximum penalty of RM20,000 under Section 30 (1) (a) & (b).

Meanwhile, our correspondent in Kapit, Famas said Kapit Fire and Rescue Department (BOMBA) chief, Irrwandy Tugor on Tuesday warned the public against dumping waste near fire hydrants.

He said the hydrants were installed at strategic locations in the district for emergency purpose and the public should avoid dumping their waste on or near the hydrants.

“The fire hydrants must be free from any obstacles so that the firemen can easily connect the water hose to them to draw water during the emergency. If the fire hydrant is blocked then the firemen will have to clear the obstacles and this will hamper the rescue work during fire outbreak” he said.

Irrwandy was leading a team to clear a pile of bricks on a fire hydrant near Chung Hua Kindergarten here yesterday.