RM3 mln for farmers in Tanjung Datu

Jamilah (second right) shows the plants at a greenhouse in Tanjung Datu

KUCHING: The state government allocated a  total  of  RM3  million in Agriculture Facilitation Funds (AFF) for farmers in the Tanjung Datu constituency.

Its assemblywoman Datuk Amar Jamilah Anu in revealing this said to date, the programme has benefitted a total of 308 participants.

“From 2019, we have spent RM2 million and in 2020, a total of RM1 million was allocated under AFF.

“This involved four phases which has been completed as of April this year,” she said last Wednesday (April 14).

She said this when met during a handover of the completed projects under AFF at Kampung Belungei, Sekambal and Sileng Dayak in the constituency.

Jamilah said a total of 240 participants were involved with funds amount to RM2.129 million under the Lundu Agricultural department from Phase 1 to Phase 4.

“Meanwhile, from the Kuching Veterinary Services Department, a total of RM648,456 in assistance (was allocated) to a total of 68 participants,” she said.

At the same time, the assemblywoman said a project to build a jetty at the cost of RM150,000 in the constituency is still ongoing.

“This is implemented by the Public Works Department (JKR) for our fishermen. It is still in the procurement stage and is scheduled to start by June 2021,” she said.