Penguang inspects the upgraded road in Sg Mallang.

KUCHING: Roads linking to villages in the constituency of Marudi are being upgraded through the Projek Rakyat initiative, said Local Government Assistant Minister Datuk Dr Penguang Manggil.

He said the project, which involves more than 140 villages, has been implemented in stages in a few areas in Marudi.

“Among the areas being involved in the project are Sg Buri, Sg Entulang, Sg Mallang, Sg Biar, Sg Peking, Long Tabing and areas where there are houses beside the road.

“It is my hope that these projects will be conducted smoothly and allow the villagers to travel from one place to another easily,” he said in a Facebook post on Saturday (Sept 12).

Earlier on Saturday, the Marudi assemblyman went on the ground to inspect the progress of the road upgrading project in Sg Mallang.

Penguang said besides the road upgrading project, other infrastructure development projects to supply basic amenities to dwellers are also undertaken.

“The Rural Electrification project (RES Last Mile) is also ongoing in a few areas while the water supply project from Rh Lawang to Rh Joseph Senin — along the main road from Beluru to Long Lama will commence soon,” he said.

He said for the Beluru Sport Complex and Sri Tinjar community hall, it too will be tendered out soon as the projects are currently in the final stages of design.

“All of these are under Projek Rakyat which was announced by the chief minister in Lapok last year and has been in my plans for these five years,” he said.