Lee (third left) and Miri OCPD ACP Lim Meng Seah (second left) with the injured policeman, Cpl William.

MIRI: “All I can think of was the safety of those in the house,” said Cpl William Bell Jol, the policeman injured in Thursday’s shootout with armed robbers here.

Cpl William, 55, was met yesterday at Miri Hospital where he is currently being treated.

“That moment was the roughest in my 33-year career as a policeman,” he added.

Prior to the shootout, Cpl William and his partner Constable Mohd Roni Abd Manap, 26, were in Morsjaya doing their regular patrol when they responded to an alert.

“I immediately drove to the scene, and upon arrival, we could see suspects inside the house, armed with semi-automatic guns,” he related.

An exchange of gunfire ensued, with at least 10 rounds being fired.

Lee (third left) and Miri OCPD ACP Lim Meng Seah (second left) with the injured policeman, Cpl William.

“I was shot, and one of the suspects was wounded as well,” Cpl William said.

He was glad that all four persons in the house and his partner were not harmed during the whole incident.

Meanwhile, Tourism, Arts and Culture Assistant Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin, who visited Cpl William, expressed his gratitude to the latter and his partner for their bravery and swift action.

“Their swift action saved the family … fortunately, Cpl William and PC Mohamad Roni were in Morsjaya patrolling when they received the alert,” Lee said.

Morsjaya is about 5km from Taman Jelita, the residential area where the attempted robbery and shootout occurred.

Lee hoped that the police would do everything in their power to catch the third suspect who is still at large. Two of his partners are in custody.

“As a concerned citizen, I hope the police catch the remaining suspect, and do an in-depth investigation into how the suspects managed to get semi-automatic guns.”

Lee also called on the Home Ministry to provide greater protection for police personnel, especially Mobile Police Vehicle (MPV) units.