RTP enables complete rural facilities

Dr Abdul Rahman (right) during his visit to a RTP project site.

KUCHING: The state government’s Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) has been a key enabler to equip rural areas with better facilities, said Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail.

“I expect that in the next five years, God willing, all villages will be able to enjoy basic amenities including road facilities,” he said when met after visiting five RTP project site in the Bukit Kota constituency last Saturday.

He said the RTP projects involved the construction of halls and futsal courts which will be implemented in phases.

Among the projects visited were the Kampung Telahak Hall Phase 1, Kampung Binjai Hall, Kampung Ulak Hall Phase 1, Kampung Mengatai Hall Phase 1 and Kampung Buangabai Hall Phase 1.

“In Kampung Telahak for example the construction of the first phase of the hall only involves land levelling at a cost of RM150,000 because the villages along Sungai Limbang face lowland problems, so it needs to be done first before the hall is built.

“Meanwhile, in Kampung Ulak for the construction of the first phase of its hall, the cost is RM250,000, including for levelling, cementing the floor and roofing.

“We also visited Kampung Binjai where the hall was completed but for 2021, we have allocated funds to build a futsal court. The first phase costs RM100,000,” he said.

Dr Abdul Rahman said on the RTP project for community hall in Kampung Mengatai, a total of RM200,000 has been allocated involving works to cement the floors as well as roofing.

He said, similarly, for Kampung Buangabai, land levelling works are ongoing as the area was a swamp. He added, a total of RM200,000 was allocated for the purpose.

Also present during the visit were Deputy Transport Minister and Limbang MP Hasbi Habibollah.