Rural health clinics to serve as vaccination centres

KUCHING: Twelve public health clinics (KK) and one hall have been identified as vaccination centres (PPV) for rural folks in the northern area of Sarawak.

State Health director Dr Chin Zin Hing told the New Sarawak Tribune on Sunday (May 9) that the centres would be operational in stages.

The 12 health clinics are KK Ulu Teru, KK Long Miri, KK Long Jekitan, KK Long Moh, KK Long Jeeh, KK Lio Mato, KK Long Bedian, KK Long Kevok, KK Long San, KK Long Bemang, KK Long Naah and KK Long Pillah.

The other centre is at Dewan Terbuka Long Lama.

Dr Chin urged the communities in the rural areas to register themselves for the vaccination programme as soon as possible.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau recently called for rural health clinics to be allowed to serve as vaccination centres.

He pointed out that the health clinics must be utilised so that people in the rural areas were not left behind in the effort to build herd immunity.