KUCHING: Raya and Gawai will be celebrated as usual but just for one day each. Visiting is allowed but limited to 20 persons at a time per household.

Thankfully, the majority of the people understand the reasons for it although the festivals would not be as fun as those in previous years. The overriding factor for them is their own safety and the safety of their families.


Siti Natrah Abas

Siti Natrah Abas, 26, housewife

‘One-day is better than none. I hope the visits won’t be misused or it might negate the efforts of combating Covid-19.’


Jacquline Ronald

Jacquline Ronald, 26, customer service personnel

‘Visiting during the one-day celebration is okay as long as people wear face masks, use hand sanitisers and practise social distancing.’


Mohd Ilham Abdullah

Mohd Ilham Abdullah, 26, customer service officer

‘Raya visiting is not compulsory, but taking care of our life and curbing the spread of the disease is an obligation of all Muslims.’


Elisabeth Kasie John

Elisabeth Kasie John, 26, housewife

‘I will continue to stay at home to avoid the risk of being infected with Covid-19.’


Abdul Majid Azman

Abdul Majid Azman, 31, broadcast journalist

‘We must accept that this year’s celebrations will be different as Covid-19 is still around.’


Danny John

Danny John, 34, photographer

‘I’m a little sad that we cannot visit our friends and relatives during this year’s abnormal celebrations.’


Syahrizan Ramlee

Syahrizan Ramlee, 26, teacher

‘There’s a big possibility that people would have more than 20 guests at a time.’

Krickstein Adau


Krickstein Adau, 29, teacher

‘The festivals won’t be complete without seeing my close relatives, but our priority is the safety of families.’