Samarahan businesses SOPs compliant

Datuk Peter Minos

KUCHING: Most business operators continue to comply with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and follow directives from the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) as well as the local councils.

Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS) chairman, Datuk Peter Minos said that business operators have been reaching out to the local council for advice.

He pointed out that the local council and the authorities are constantly on the ground to monitor as well as provide guidance.

“The business operators in Samarahan are self-disciplined and they do comply with the SOPs. I am very pleased that they are very obliging and they would approach the local council for advice.

“Last week, there was one supermarket that had an employee who tested positive. They voluntarily closed for a few days to allow the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) to sanitise and monitor their premises.

“Although a few individuals were caught and fined because they did not comply with the SOPs, others who have heard about it got scared and continued to ensure that they are compliant,” he explained.

Peter also praised the people of Samarahan for being cooperative and delightful as the local council has yet to encounter major problems.

“I must say to our credit that the people of Samarahan are generally an obedient lot which helps to make the local council’s work easy. We only have to tell them once and that would be enough.

“This explains why we do not see many getting fined and Samarahan now is quite free of Covid-19 of late. This is a real plus,” he said.

Meanwhile, chairman of Padawan Municipal Council (MPP) Lo Khere Chiang said business operators with Covid-19 positive cases have been obliged to close for a while.

He said that the local council’s task force would take action against those who are not complying with the notice.

“Up to date, all business operators and outlets exposed to Covid-19 positive cases would follow the closure order from the Divisional Health Office to get their premises thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

“If any individual or industry sector still does not comply with the order after being advised and issued a warning, our task force team will issue a compound of RM1,000 for each offender in accordance with provisions under the Prevention and Control of Infection Diseases Act 1988 (Act 342),” he said.

Lo also said that stringent checks especially in crowded areas and places of public focus following the stark increase of new cases.

He pointed out that there are still members of the public who are ignorant about the SOPs.

“Based on the observation by our task force, there are still some ignorant people who choose to scribble their names instead of writing them properly in the record books. This will hamper contact tracing if required one day.

“The members of the public are reminded to play their roles to observe and comply with the SOPs including cooperating with the business operators and outlets. This is in order to stay safe not only for themselves but for everyone,” he said.

Kuching City South Council (MBKS) mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng also said that most business operators are in compliance with directives from SDMC.

“Most business and premise operators are cooperative while those who are errant have been given compound notices under the Local Authority Ordinance by Laws.

“Our enforcement team goes to the ground daily and business operators who are errant are given stern warning first,” he added.

Wee said that they are still waiting for approval from SDMC to enforce the RM1,000 compound.