SAR operations called off

A K-9 unit was roped in to assist in the SAR for a missing 28-year-old who failed to return home from a fishing trip last Wednesday.

BAU: A search and rescue (SAR) operations for a 28-year-old man who failed to return home from a fishing trip last Wednesday, was called off today as the man was said to be in hiding after he and his friend allegedly took syabu during their trip.

Bau fire chief Tawang Lingem said the decision to halt the search operations was made following investigation and discussion by his team and the police.

He said police investigation revealed that the victim’s friend had admitted that both of them took syabu while going out fishing.

“Thus, such act could have made the victim to feel scared and hence it was difficult for rescuers to find him as he could be hiding.

“The search operations will resume if there is any new information from the police,” he said.

The SAR team had enlisted the help of a police dog (K9) unit to assist in the search.

Last Saturday, family members of Francis Nomi had lodged a missing person’s report after he failed to return home from a fishing trip at a river near Kampung Bijuray here with a friend on Wednesday.

On the way back, both of them went through a forest heading for home.

However, his friend was unaware that Nomi, who was walking behind, had gone missing.