SAR to resume after family lodges missing person’s report

The footprints suspected to be the missing person’s.

SIMUNJAN: A search and rescue (SAR) operation for a missing person had to be suspended until police receive a missing person’s report from the family.

The State Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) operations centre said a witness to the incident on Thursday (Feb 11) had claimed that the missing person had a fight with a man and later jumped into Sungai Buloh and swum towards the ferry point.

“The people who were fishing in the area tried to save the man but he refused to be rescued despite being caught in a strong river current,” Bomba said in a statement.

Firefighters who were deployed to the area following a tipoff at 9.26pm on Thursday to monitor a 700-metre radius downstream came across footprints on the river bank — suspected to be the missing person’s.

Six policemen and six members of the public were also involved in the SAR operation.

“The SAR operation lasted until 11.39pm and will resume after police have received report from the victim’s family members. The identity of the missing person is still unknown,” Bomba said.