Sarawak Foundation a catalyst for education development

The ReaP camp curriculum teaches pupils how to apply what they they’ve learned in class.

The Sarawak Foundation has been entrusted by the state government to support the state Education Department (JPNS) in implementing various educational programmes, particularly those deemed critical and requiring additional funding.

The foundation has always been committed to serving as a catalyst for education development in Sarawak, and as a result, a number of initiatives have been implemented, such as the Sarawak Foundation-JPNS Joint Programme, which aims to assist the latter in implementing special programmes that are deemed critical but for which no funding is available in their annual budget.

JPNS is a federal organisation tasked with carrying out various educational activities. This position involves the process of transferring knowledge, judgement, skills, and wisdom, as well as the process of teaching and learning specific expertise.

One of education’s main purposes is to teach culture to future generations.

To ensure that the process of acquiring information is not hampered, a variety of projects and approaches have been developed and implemented.

However, not all programmes and plans can be realised because they require additional support and funds, and the existing allocation is only available for activities planned for the current fiscal year.

The following are some of the joint programmes run by Sarawak Foundation and JPNS:

Jejak Sejarah

The goal of this programme is to improve the skills of SPM history teachers. The aim is to increase SPM history performance in terms of pass percentage, excellent percentage and the average grade of the subject or GPMP.

Holiday English Language Programme (HELP)

The programme is aimed towards teachers who want to improve their English skills.

The participants of the Sarawak Level NILAM Camp.

Sarawak Level NILAM Camp

It is a programme that encourages schoolchildren to read. The pupils who have been chosen for this camp are those who have advanced through the district and division levels of selection. At the national level, they will represent Sarawak at the NILAM Awards. Students from Sarawak’s primary and secondary schools participate in this programme.

Program Menggilap Permata (ProMep) Sarawak

To increase teachers’ pedagogical, curriculum and assessment competencies in 21st century learning.

PerMata Workshop

Additional math teachers’ Teaching & Learning effectiveness, knowledge of mathematical process skills, and critical thinking skills are also being worked on. It will also encourage students’ interest in mathematics.

Students who participated in the creative writing contest.

Creative Writing Contest

The Creative Writing Contest is a platform for students to express their creative ideas. It is open to all students in primary and secondary schools. Written works are available in four languages — Malay, English, Chinese and Iban.

The top 10 works in each language for primary and secondary schools will be included in a collection of creative writing books.

LiP (Information Literacy Programme)

An attempt to improve comprehension and knowledge of Information Literacy skills. It is a skill that pupils must possess in order to correctly and honestly collect information from numerous sources.

These information abilities are especially vital in 21st century learning needs, which include pupils thinking creatively, critically and innovatively, as well as having strong communication skills and high work productivity.

The i-Lip aims to improve comprehension and knowledge of Information Literacy skills.

ReaP Camp (Read and Play Camp)

The programme was created to improve reading habits in preschoolers returning to school for the second time. This curriculum teaches pupils how to comprehend and apply what they’ve learned in class.

Football Development Programme

Students between the ages of 11 and 16 are included in the programme. In line with the Malaysian philosophy and the 1Student 1Sport Policy, it aims to enable a student to be emotionally and physically healthy, instil team spirit, and promote the value of integration and student development.

Aside from that, this programme can expose potential and talented young players to focus on improving their level of discipline, playing skills, mental and physical endurance, and being a back-up to the Sarawak state football team, as well as unearthing the talents of primary and secondary school students.

As a result of the various joint programmes implemented by Sarawak Foundation and JPNS, education in Sarawak will not be left behind, and every programme objective will be met, resulting in teachers and students being educated from various perspectives.

The Sarawak Foundation will continue to focus on its role as a supporter of Sarawak’s education sector in order to assist the state in continuing to excel at the highest level possible.

This is demonstrated by the excellent cooperation between state and federal authorities, which has yielded enormous benefits.