Sarawak Pay very useful for everyday use


KUCHING: Sarawak Pay has become a popular e-wallet application among Sarawakians since its innovation in November 2017.

It is licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia and acts as a one-stop fintech platform for secure, fast and convenient e-wallet and digital payment transactions.

Numerous traders have started adopting this e-wallet as a tool to perform transactions because it provides many benefits.

New Sarawak Tribune spoke to four traders on the benefits of using Sarawak Pay.

Muhammad Faizal Ibrahim

Muhammad Faizal Ibrahim, 34, who’s selling shoes at a night market in Metro City, Matang, said,  “I have been using Sarawak Pay for two years and services like this enable customers and traders from both rural and urban areas to join in the digital payment platform, enhancing their competitiveness and allowing them to become a part of the global digital economy.

“So, if you’ve not yet used Sarawak Pay, I recommend you  download it. It is very useful for everyday use, especially for traders who adopt Sarawak Pay as a payment method. We can receive and get notified on the exact amount of payment from their customers easily and efficiently,” he explained.

“There’s no need to  worry because so far, I do not have any problems with the application. And the best part is you can gain cashback with any amount of spending, and enjoy it any time in the future as it has no expiry date.”

Zubaidah Itom

Zubaidah Itom, 65,  owner of a grocery store in Santubong, said the applications helped with purchases because some of her customers  were  Sarawak Pay users.

“It really simplifies the process of receiving and paying payments. That is why I started using it in 2020 when my daughter told me about the benefits of the app.

“Customers love to use the app as it also features instant cashback rewards;  you can earn cashback by shaking your phone or tapping the Shake for Reward button on the app upon payment.

“It also helps me to maintain money security because I don’t have to carry additional cash in my shop. I highly recommend this app because it helps me with my business,” she added.

Nur Aina Kasairah

Nur Aina Kasairah, 29, a food trader, said she began using Sarawak Pay a few years ago after customers began asking if she accepted Sarawak Pay for payment transactions.

“That was why my husband and I began to use this  tool to boost my business,” she said.

“It enables payments via an e-wallet, by credit card and online banking. The app also features ‘scan and pay’, which enables users to make QR code payments.

“I highly recommend this app, especially for those who have been in  business  for a long time.  It is a safe and trusted app,”

Suhairah Hamid

Suhairah Hamid, 36, another  food trader, said a friend introduced the app to her years ago  to make it more convenient for her to do business.

“The best part about Sarawak Pay is that it can also eliminate overhead costs incurred from handling cash, cards, and cheque payment as well as ensure the safety and security of our finances with customer payments transferred directly to our bank account.

“I am thankful that my friend introduced me to the app. You can download it  from the Apple or Google store,” she explained.

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