Sarawak police aim to eradicate drug-related activities in 2022

Comm Aidi speaking at the Sarawak Police Commissioner’s Monthly Assembly at the Sarawak Police Contingent Headquarters in Kuching.

KUCHING: Sarawak police aim to eradicate drug trafficking and drug abuse activities as part of its list of mission for 2022.

In addition to contributing to crime, Sarawak police commissioner Datuk Aidi Ismail emphasised that such activities also played a part in the collapse of families and the economy.

“Once again, I call on all Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) members of the Sarawak contingent to work together in realising this mission. Sarawakians want to see Sarawak free of drug trafficking and drug abuse,” he said at the Sarawak Police Commissioner’s Monthly Assembly here on Monday (Jan 24).

Apart from that, he said the way forward for the Sarawak contingent was to prioritise discipline in all assignments.

“Before we act, we should think about whether or not the actions have any detrimental implications on the team.

“Our wrongdoings will tarnish the good name of the entire force. A tarnished image will undo all the sacrifices and services that have been contributed.”

Comm Aidi also said community policing programmes would also be enhanced from time to time.

“These programmes were created to show the presence of the police as well as to strengthen the relationship between the community and PDRM.

“Indirectly, this relationship will be able to improve the image of PDRM in the eyes of the community and will improve the service delivery system.

“Clearly, what we need to emphasise in all aspects of our dealings with the community is  customer satisfaction based on the principles of fast, efficient and customer-friendly.”

Also present were DCP Mancha Ata, top cops and district police chiefs.

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