Sarawak wants 80pct of population fully vaccinated

KUCHING: Sarawak aims to see 80 percent of its population fully vaccinated, Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian has stressed.

The state has fully inoculated 62 percent of its population from 85 percent of its adult population so far.

“Sarawak needs to vaccinate those aged below 18 to get a 70 to 80 percent population vaccination rate,” Dr Sim, the Sarawak Disaster management Committee chairman, said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

On the state’s daily case tally on Tuesday, he said Sarawak, while recording 1,543 cases, reported only two deaths.

Johor and Kedah, who registered 1,743 and 1,772 cases respectively, recorded 42 and 32 deaths respectively.

Dr Sim said compared to Sarawak, Johor only managed to fully vaccinate 38.8 percent of its adult population, which is 27.8 percent of its total population.

Similarly, Kedah managed to fully vaccinate 38.3 percent of its adult population, translating to 27 percent of its total population.

“But Sarawak’s still not out of the woods yet as the sheer numbers (of Covid-19 cases) may lead to absolute increase in Category 3, 4, 5 cases, posing a challenge to our medical facilities.

“We need to remain on very high alert…support each other, don’t panic, no politicking, don’t spread fake news.”

On Tuesday, state health director Datuk Dr Mohamed Sapian Mohamed said children and teenagers aged below 18 accounted for 25 to 30 percent of new Covid-19 cases in Sarawak.

He pointed out they were not eligible for vaccination and must therefore be protected.

Dr Sapian reminded parents and guardians to avoid bringing children and teenagers to public places for the time being, and should practise preventive steps to avoid infecting them while at home.

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