Sarawak’s PTPTN repayment a role model

PTPTN chief executive Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Majid

KUCHING: Other states in Malaysia should follow Sarawak’s move to repay the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loans of their students, said PTPTN chief executive Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Majid.

“Sarawak is the only state to have such proactive initiative in allocating a substantial amount to repay its students loan.

“Hopefully the implementation of this initiative will be simplified and Sarawakian borrowers involved can receive repayments to their loans thus reducing their financial burden.

“It is appropriate that the initiative of the Sarawak state government is praised and be a role model for other states in helping its people to pay their PTPTN loans,” he said during a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) exchange between PTPTN and Yayasan Sarawak (YS) at Wisma Bapa Malaysia here today.

Ahmad Dasuki said the Sarawak government through YS had provided RM30 million to settle 30 percent of their student’s remaining PTPTN loans.

“This is not only to appreciate the commitment of those who have made PTPTN loan repayments but at the same time to ease their financial burden.

“This effort is also very appropriate at a time when the people’s income and finances are affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

He hoped that the Sarawak state government would continue to support the efforts made by PTPTN to encourage repayment for the continuity the education loans to future generations.

“Indeed, the people of Sarawak are very fortunate to have a government that is concerned in providing for the needs of the people, especially from the financial aspect for the purpose of higher education,” he said.

Ahmad Dasuki said for Sarawak, there are a total of 195,350 PTPTN borrowers involving RM4.7 billion until Dec 31 last year.

“There are also PTPTN borrowers who are exempted from making repayments as they obtained a First Class Bachelor’s Degree. This involved a total of 3,429 borrowers with an allocation of RM88.7 million,” he said.