The reggae ambassador of Asia, Sasi The Don.

Being a parent changes people. Acknowledging this sentiment, Sasidharan Chandran, better known as Sasi The Don, always knew he was a good uncle to his sister’s children. However, as he delved into parenting with the birth of his first daughter — everything changed for him.

Stepping up from a boy to a man

Sasidharan Chandran recalled the days when his seven-year-old daughter, Shanaiya Lakshmi would nod at every single thing he said. “But now, she will give her point of view and reason with daddy.” As a father, he admitted he learned a lot from his daughter. “Like new mobile games, series, cartoons, movies and to me, it is so interesting!

“I realised that being an uncle and a father are two different things. The excitement was more about stepping up from a boy to a man,” said the 42-year-old Malaysian artiste.

Sasi said that he is blessed that he is able to enjoy fatherhood.

He welcomed the change with a positive outlook and said that fatherhood has been a blessing. “I cherished the whole moment of my daughter’s school experiences, from playschool to the more serious stuff now and I enjoyed every bit of it.”

As a busy man, Sasidharan admitted that that work-life balance is very challenging to him.

As a busy man, Sasidharan revealed that work-life balance was challenging with him being in the advertising and music industry, racing to serve people round the clock. “It is a journey of getting into family life, at the same time trying to build your career.”

Nonetheless, being an optimist, he would draw a line to balance it and plan. “I may fail sometimes, but I kept learning how to improve and I got better from time to time.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying the journey, looking at the bright side and always believing. It’s also important to put on a smile for the people around you,” Sasidharan added.

Known as the Reggae Ambassador of Asia, he admitted that it can be a challenge for him being Sasi The Don, a father, and a husband within the society. “Not everything is perfect. Sometimes we need to experience downfalls, and we will learn how to survive the next time. It will make us stronger.”

The reggae ambassador of Asia, Sasi The Don.

Growing up, he experienced a myriad of challenges. Since his parents both worked, Sasi and his sister were nurtured in an independent environment. “I try to cope with everything within my means, try to do the best, and I always try to be different. The outcome was I managed to find my own happiness. Living stress-free, I am satisfied but then again, I know I can do more.”

Garnering inspiration from his moments being a father, Sasi recently released a new song dedicated to all fathers around the world. Titled ‘Daddy Don’ — his latest song is the embodiment of a love letter from a father to his child.

While the title speaks volume, Sasidharan acknowledges that the words ‘father’ and ‘daddy’ are dynamic in their meaning, “Not everyone is a dad. There are many of them who neglects their children. Those are not daddies.

This song is not for them. This song is for loving men. Even when separated, you can still love your ex-wife. You can still appreciate what you share today — your children.”

He disclosed that the negative connotations evoked by the word ‘don’ comes across as a powerful message. “The word ‘don’ is very powerful and depicts a leader. Today we should positively look at things.

“‘Daddy Don’ is a daddy who is on top of this world. He’s on top of everything that he does, and he’s got it under control. He is not easily broken or shaken; and while a daddy could be weak, he could always become a don in his journey through fatherhood. Daddy Don doesn’t wait for people to knock on his door. He goes out and makes things happen, he is the catalyst of the family.”

Further recognising the changing family structures and roles, ‘Daddy Don’ is a message to everyone who plays the role of a father such as stepfathers, single mothers, uncles, and even children, “It’s a privilege to be a daddy.

You don’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘I want to be a father.’ It’s something that comes to you.”

The song is dedicated to all fathers around the world and definitely to single mothers who live their lives being fathers to their children as well. Every father is a Don, and Sasidharan believes that dads are a product of love and affection, thus his inspiration to write this song is a testimony for all the wonderful fathers around the world.

“It’s a whole story-telling experience that could be shared with a lot of people around the world. This song means hard work, it is a lot about me being a dad because it’s a journey. This is my part of talking about daddies because I think they are the unsung heroes,” he explained.

Released on June 19, Sasidharan shared that the hard work he had put into making the song was solely influenced by Shanaiya, “It took some time because I was not sure I was going in the right direction. I changed the lyrics five times. The chorus is easy for kids to catch. I may have come up with it unconsciously, but it is heavily influenced by my daughter.”

Sasi the Don and one of Indian cinema’s most renowned playback singers, Anuradha Sriram, whom he worked with in his single ‘ABCD’.

Sasi is well noticeable with his dreads and image as a reggae personality. Mixing reggae with a strong fusion of Indian and Asian classical elements is the magic he brings in most of his songs.

He is a reputable composer, songwriter and producer. He revealed that he has a diverse influence in music. He grew up listening to the rhythms of Apache Indian, Dr.Alban, Shaggy, Bob Marley, Maxi Priest and Ar.Rahman.
Sasi The Don’s songs are melodic and they come in a package made of catchy beats, lyrics and bassline.

He has adapted the Jamaican accent (Pattwa) and music (Reggae) through his years of listening to reggae music.

Now with the release of his new single ‘Daddy Don’, Sasi seeks to spread positive messages to families and fathers all around the world. His new album is his sixth, and it is scheduled to be released this year.