Satay seller stays optimistic during this trying times

Arni arranging satay at his stall at the night market.

By Othman Ishak

SIBU: To face trying times, it is important to keep one’s spirit up, never give up hope, and always stay positive, says satay seller Mohd Arni Rosli.

“Without this attitude, I believe I would have lost my direction, particularly during the current pandemic,” he said when met at his stall recently.

Arni, 57, who has been selling satay for the last 26 years, said he really felt the hardship when he could do business during the movement control order (MCO) restrictions.

“My main concern was on how to service my car loan and pay my other bills. Not operating my satay stall means I have zero income.

“It’s fortunate that we are blessed with a caring government who provided us with the aid during such trying times.

“With the aid, I could pay my instalments and other expenses.”

Arni, who hails from Kampung Sekaan Besar, Matu, said besides the government aid, he also did carpentry at home during the MCO.

“I managed to link with friends and other people interested in wooden tables and cupboards. Fortunately, I had all the important tools for this such as hammer, saw, nails etc.

“I never expected that the response would be encouraging. I sold the furniture at reasonable prices depending on the sizes.”

Arni also pointed out that in business related to food, maintaining a high level of hygienic was important.

“Like myself, I grill satay every day, and it is my responsibility to make sure that cleanliness is top priority.

“If I don’t stress this, the health of my customers will be affected. And this will affect my business as well.”

Arni said personally, the thought of hiking the price of his satay never crossed his mind, instead “I just maintain the price. I enjoy doing this (selling satay).”

“Another very important aspect is we should always be courteous to our customers. Always smile.”

Arni operates his satay stall from 5pm until 10pm.