Mohamad Junaidi Sambang

SIBU:  School life had practically ended for 12 boys and girls of Kampung Usahajaya Baru here – that is until a non-governmental organisation (NGO) came to their rescue.

The 12 students had dropped out of school prematurely for a myriad of reasons, including family problems and not having birth certificates.

Their plight, however, came to the attention of Angkatan Warisan Anak Sarawak (AWAS) whose members were constantly on the ground to help identify and resolve local community problems.

Mohamad Junaidi Sambang

AWAS honorary secretary Mohamad Junaidi Sambang said their efforts to bring these students back to school were assisted by the PBB Nangka Service Centre and Baitulmal Sibu Branch.

“We are grateful to Dr Annuar Rapa’ee (Education and Technological Research Assistant Minister) for providing assistance in the form of their schooling needs to ensure that all of the students return to school.

“Although the village is not in his constituency, he (Dr Annuar) did not hesitate to provide assistance to these students,” he said when met by reporters.

According to Junaidi, the students were tracked by AWAS units which are always on the ground to assist people who need help.

He explained that among the main causes why the students had dropped out of school were family problems, while some of the children had no birth certificates.

“For those without birth certificates, we help them get birth certificates so they can return to school. There are also children without parents, so Dr Annuar recommends that they be sent to Peryatim Sibu so that their welfare will be taken care,” he said.