School excels in A Level 2020 exam

Lodge International School . Photo: International School website

KUCHING: Lodge International School managed to record excellent results in the A Level 2020 examination when almost 50 percent of its students succeeded in scoring straight A’s for all subjects taken.

Lodge International School chairman Allister Hilton Smith said despite facing various difficulties, teachers and students continued to be enthusiastic and collaborative in making online and face-to-face learning sessions a success.

He said several subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English subjects recorded an improvement in grades while Economics, History and Geography subjects maintained close to 100 percent pass rates.

“More than 80 percent of the students who took Biology subjects managed to get As, an increase of 52.2 percent compared to the previous year. Chemistry subjects recorded a 15 percent increase with more than 80 percent of students achieving As. Physics showed the greatest increase with 76 percent of the students achieving As.

“The new Further Mathematics subject offered last year also recorded a notable achievement with more than 60 percent of the students getting As,” he said in a statement issued today (Jan 12).

Meanwhile, principal of Lodge International School, Markus Gatuman, said the school had always given priorities to the well-being and excellence of students.

He added the school was very proud of its students’ achievements and would continue to support them in all areas.

Head of the A Level Lodge International School Programme, Frances Tan, said this year’s achievement   would not have been possible without the trust and hard work of students, teachers and parents.

“They always support the continuous adjustments made by the school in facing the challenging situation at that time and we are also ready to go into 2021,” he said.

A total of 44 Lodge International School students sat for the A Level examination which took place from October to November last year.

Lodge International School caters for students in the British National Curriculum from Year 2 (age 6) through the Cambridge IGCSE Level (age 15 and above) and the Cambridge International A-Level.

For students interested in attending the A Level 2021 programme at Lodge International School, opportunities are still open for the April 2021 intake.

Any further inquiries on the educational programmes offered by Lodge International School can be made by calling 082-362185 or email