Low with the pupils of SJK Buso.

KUCHING: Kuching police personnel who went to SJK Chung Hua, Buso and SJK Chung Hua Paku both in the Bau district yesterday, urged the teachers and parents to liaise with the police if any bullying cases occur in their schools.

The police team led by Sub Inspector Simon Low was on a crime awareness and motivation talk to the schools.

During the talk Low told the pupils of physical and mental bullying. He also taught the pupils how to deal with bullies and the most important thing was to ensure that they tell either their teacher or family members about it.

Low added that bullying cases should be reported to prevent other children from falling prey to the same bully.

Low with the pupils of SJK Buso.

He also advised school management boards not to sweep the issue under the carpet but instead to find a solution to deal with it.

“If the issue is swept under the carpet, the victims can suffer long term mental anguish. Thus, it is better to take action,” Low said.

He also believed that by getting rid of the bullies, the school image will be better and the pupils and parents will be less fearful.

During the talk Low also urged the pupils to stay away from drugs especially those in Primary Six.

He said they may have RM20 with them but warned them not to be lured into gambling because they will become target of bad hats which will give their parents more problems.

Low also told the pupils that it was not cool to drink or smoke and also not worth trying as the first try can lead to addiction.

During the visit, Low also personally donated school bags to the needy pupils while others were given stationery items much to their delight.