SDMC enforces EMCO in four new locations

KUCHING: The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has enforced

the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) in four new locations.

The EMCO is implemented in Stonehead Quarry Sdn Bhd workers quarters in Tatau from July 29 until August 11.

“In Subis, Mega Jutamas Sdn Bhd Lot 6, Blok 32 at Sungai Kabulu, Ulu Suai, Suai, Niah in Sakai Land District is under EMCO from July 31 until August 14.

“Meanwhile, from August 1 until August 15, EMCO will be enforced at Rumah Ruta, Peligong, Sebetan and Rumah Bundat, Sungai Anak, Sebetan Ulu both in Saratok,” it said.

SDMC has also ended EMCO on July 31 at four locations, namely Rumah Anggat, Sungai Guru, Sebangkoi and Rumah Jawie, Sungai Seleku both in Sarikei; Kampung Gerung in Padwan sub-district and Kampung Pasir Hilir in Lundu.

Meanwhile, three districts changed status today.

Lubok Antu changed status from yellow to green after no new infection case was detected or recorded in the past 14 days.

“Lubok Antu is the sixth district to turn its status to green together with Marudi, Matu, Sebauh, Julau and Limbang,” it said.

Betong has changed it status from yellow to orange after the district recorded 22 new infection cases in the past 14 day.

The district of Subis has also changed from red to orange after it recorded 39 new infection cases.

“This brings orange status districts to seven, while red status districts decreased to 16 and yellow status district to 11,” said SDMC.