SDNU Sibu helps to register vaccine recipients

Lau (right) monitors the vaccine rollout in the mobile vaccination bus.

KUCHING: The Sibu branch of Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) was asked to help register residents in the Tiong Hua areas for the Covid-19 jabs through the mobile vaccination bus programme.

Senator Robert Lau Hui Yew said most of the residents from the area were migrants from rural areas.

“They are Ibans from the basin and upper reaches of the mighty Rajang and the Malays and Melanaus from the coastal towns along the river.

“They all came to Sibu to seek a better future. Unfortunately, many are staying in poor accommodation and doing manual work.

“The accommodation has been one of the main contributory factors for the high Covid-19 cases. In fact, this area also records the most number of dengue cases every year,” he said in a Facebook post on Saturday (July 3). 

On Saturday, Lau and the SDNU team registered 150 people for vaccination at the mobile vaccination bus the next day.

He said the vaccine recipients were from areas such as Hardin Walk, part of Foochow Lane and Tiong Hua Road. He added that the quota was increased from 50 to 150 people.

Lau also visited the Victory Home to register its 70 residents for vaccination.

“By 5pm, I headed to the mobile vaccination bus behind the Rejang Medical Centre to help with the vaccination of the 60 people who signed up yesterday for today’s vaccination. The vaccination session finished at 7pm,” he said.